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Frequently Asked Questions:

    • How do I fill it up, and what do I fill it with? To fill it up, simply lift the top off and fill the container with water. We suggest you fill it with water, and a splash of an essential oil. This will provide the best experience.
    • Where do I find essential oils? Check out this link.
    • Does the product come with a USB cable? Yes, the product does come with a USB cable to turn it on. 
    • How do I turn it on? Simply press the button on the back, and mist will start coming out.
    • How do I change to the second spray mode? After you turn it on and its spraying mist, just press it again. It will change modes, and start to spry in burst.
    • How do I turn the lights on? To turn the lights on, hold the button on the back until the lights turn on then let go. 

      • How do I change the cotton in the middle? Take the top off to access the cotton tube.

      • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us


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      Our Guarantee

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